Creative Arts and Design Courses in Malaysia

Creative Arts and Design Courses in Malaysia for both Private and Public Universities.
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creative arts

Imagination and creativity create arts, while education serves as the foundation to prepare you for the real world of arts and design. Deciding on your career path in university takes passion mainly because there is a wide range of courses to choose from.

Believe it or not, your talent will help you to be successful in arts and design course as it involves practical learning and teaching environment.

So, let's start with thinking of what form of arts you love creating the most? In this guide, we will do more than explaining about the courses. We provide some information on institutions that you can apply to and other aspects to help you consider.

What courses can you study in Creative Arts & Design?

Arts and design not only allow you to produce things that you can touch and wear but you could also apply your drawing skills to form animations so, you might want to discover your secret talent after checking out this list of courses:

Creative Arts, Design courses

Which universities offer Creative Arts & Design courses?

There are many local universities and colleges that offer in-depth studies of the courses where you will be able to apply new techniques and knowledge to your creativity. Listed below are some of the universities offering a variety of pre-university and undergraduate programs that might spark your interest:

  1. Malaysian Institute of Art

  2. University of Malaya (UM)

  3. Universiti Teknologi MARA

  4. Taylor’s University

  5. Sunway University

  6. Asia Pacific University

  7. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

  8. Raffles University Iskandar

Now let's briefly talk about each one of them.

1. Malaysian Institute of Art

Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)

If there is an institution that specializes in teaching-learning arts and design, it is the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) that is located in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.

All the courses offered will prepare you for the fields of designs, visual and performing arts such as Diploma in Textile & Fashion, Diploma in Music and Diploma in Industrial Design. Foundation Studies are also available here.

2. University of Malaya


University of Malaya (UM) is famously known for its achievements over the years including for being the first in the list of top universities in our nation. At the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, they offer Bachelors Degree courses for performance arts such as Drama, Dance and Music.

So, you might want to take your diploma or foundation at other institutions and prepare a portfolio for your undergraduate admission to University Malaya.

3. Universiti Teknologi MARA


Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) continues to produce graduates who excel in many fields and one of them is in the industry of arts and design. The UiTM Faculty of Arts and Design was founded in the year 1967 and has been offering various courses ranging from diploma to PhD. Take a look at the list of courses here and choose your passion to pursue!

4. Taylor's University

Taylor's University

Another private institution that has its own Design School is none other Taylor's University. The Design School ensures excellent teaching and learning experiences for its students and encourages out of the box thinking for various arts and design disciplines such as arts, design and interior design. All of the courses are available for diploma and foundation levels.

5. Sunway University

sunway university

Sunway University provides leading-edge facilities for the students and at the School of Arts, students are encouraged to engage in practical learning with other students from different disciplines to give them a taste of the real working world.

Some of the courses offered here that are not commonly available at other institutions are Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Music (Audio Technology, Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and Diploma in Performing Arts.

6. Asia Pacific University

APU Logo

If you are interested to study at a new ultra-modern university campus, consider applying to Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (A.P.U). Its new campus is located in Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Kuala Lumpur.

Since the university specializes in the studies of technology and innovation, you can find some interesting courses to study here; Bachelor of Arts in Product Design and Bachelor of Arts in Animation.

7. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Limkokwing University

Limkokwing University has a faculty that offers a variety of courses for every education level. The Faculty of Design Innovation is devoted to producing graduates with quality and class.

The courses offered are ranging from foundation to postgraduate studies so, if you dream to continue your undergraduate study at the same university, you can choose to study courses like Foundation in Sound & Music, Diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design, Bachelor of Arts in Digital Photography, Diploma in Performance Arts & Creativity or a course that you may not find elsewhere, Diploma in Batik Design!

8. Raffles University Iskandar

Raffles University

Raffles University Iskandar is a premier private university that is located in Johor Bharu. Its first college was established in Singapore and grown to provide education for many students at their branches of universities and colleges in 13 countries around the globe.

Design courses can be found here for the studies of diploma and bachelor's degree. Interior Design, Graphic Design and Fashion Design are the disciplines that you might be interested in so, find out more about the courses here.

What are the entry requirements?

Every institution has different entry requirement depends on the entry-level; foundation studies, diploma or degree. The entry requirements serve as a guideline but other qualifications such as your eligibility to apply, minimum entry scores, English language equivalency and subject prerequisites will also be considered by the university.

You would want to perform well in every task assigned to you as some institutions consider admissions by evaluating your portfolio of artworks or performance auditions. The general entry requirements are:

Course Level Entry Requirements
  • O-Level / SPM Qualification
  • Pass with minimum 5 credits including in Bahasa Melayu and History
  • O-Level / SPM Qualification
  • Pass with minimum 3 credits including in Bahasa Melayu and History.
Bachelor’s Degree

Any of the following:

  • STPM, Average C or minimum CGPA 2.00
  • A-Level, a minimum of 8 points
  • Foundation/Malaysian Matriculation, minimum CGPA 2.00
  • Diploma, minimum CGPA 2.00 MUET score, minimum Band 1

How to apply?

Applying to university or college can be daunting if you are clueless about the whole process.

Private institutions

You can apply directly from the university or college's website or contact EasyUni for personalized help.

Public Universities

Admission to a public university is made via UPU website so, make sure to mark your calendar for the date of application and buy your unique pin number at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) counter beforehand.

Career prospects for grads in Creative Arts & Design

career prospects

If you love having personalized working hours, working from home and wearing casual attires daily, this field is for you. Many artists and designers are self-employed and commissioned for their arts, they do contract work for individuals or even companies.

For instance, photographers capture photographs for commercial or private clients by applying their knowledge and skills developed over the years and this way, they can advertise the uniqueness of their skills in attracting more clients from industries of fashion, product, food, technology or media.

Freelancing is not a bad idea as you are not committed to any organization in a long-term and you could generate cash more than working from 8 to 5 if you have the essential skills; determination, independent, idea development, self-belief, organization and communication skills.

You get the chance to create your own opportunities or work with others, both have pros and cons that you might want to consider before stepping into the creative industries, after all, the decision is in your hands. Some careers for you to pursue in future and the average salaries are:


Illustrations that you see on the packaging, children books, catalogues, charts, magazines and even newspapers are impossible to put into perspective without illustrator’s skills and ideas. If you wish to work as one, just know that you can choose your specialization depending on your talent as its job scopes cover the industries of fashion, publishing and advertising.

Job Position Average Salary
Junior Executive RM 2,250 – RM 2,800
Executive RM 3,000 – RM 5,000


There is a range of techniques used in creating arts that come to life on screen and that is why animators are needed in the industry to produce animations for video games, films or commercials. Animators should also be able to review scripts before designing storyboards that suit clients’ needs, create prototypes and work with the whole team to deliver work that put smiles on people’s faces.

Job Position Average Salary
Junior Executive RM 2,000 – RM 3,000
Executive RM 3,000 – RM 5,000

Textile Designer

Everything around you is the outcome of other persons’ ideas including the clothes you wear. Textile designers develop unique designs and prints for fabrics used by fashion designers, furniture companies and some of them do research for industrial gears that require customized fabrics in accordance with environments they work in.

Job Position Average Salary
Junior Executive RM 2,000 – RM 3,000
Executive RM 3,500 – RM 6,000

Advertising Manager

Advertising is important to consumers and producers even though it serves different purposes for both. The advertising manager is responsible for planning strategies to attract potential customers by generating ideas for ads and campaigns, maximizing revenues as well as building the brand’s reputation.

You will also need work with the finance team to manage budget and share ideas with the creative team to make advertising campaigns as unique and achievable as possible.

Job Position Average Salary
Junior Executive RM 2,500 – RM 3,000
Executive RM 5,000 – RM 8,000

Fashion Designer

Fashion industry growth in Malaysia is promising with online fashion and beauty retailers such as Zalora and Fashionvalet serving platforms for designers to showcase their masterpieces. Build your own brand or collaborate with other designers, clothing or accessories manufacturers and individual clients to be a part of the fashion revolution.

Job Position Average Salary
Junior Executive RM 2,500 – RM 3,000
Executive RM 3,000 – RM 4,000

Industrial Designer

There are some industries like automobile, medical and technology that seek designers who have practical experience and knowledge to combine arts and engineering. From designing toys and gadgets to medical devices, you will be exposed to many opportunities offered by the industries in designing things that are not only aesthetically appealing to the eyes but also functional and effective.

Job Position Average Salary
Junior Executive RM 2,500 – RM 4,000
Executive RM 5,000 – RM 8,000

Creative arts and design course will benefit you in terms of developing your cognitive abilities and discovering your hidden talents. There are many reasons for you to take the first step into this field considering the skills you will possess and souls you will touch through your artworks. Do you need another reason to do so? Check out our guide here!

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