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Bloomfield College

New Jersey, United States
Campus setting Suburban
Living cost RM 3,660 per month
Student population Small (1,000 or less)
International students 4%
Institution type Private

About Bloomfield College

Bloomfield College was first established in 1868 and has since then become renowned as a highly independent, four-year co-educational college. Its primary mission is to ensure that students are thoroughly prepared to attain excellence in academic, personal, and professional aspect and contribute to a multicultural and global society.

Located in Bloomfield, New Jersey, this institution has attained one success after another. U.S. News & World Report has recently ranked Bloomfield College as the 15th most diverse National Liberal Arts College in the country. It is no surprise that from here, they have also produced another feat with 70% of their graduates in the Computer Science and Network Engineering programs are employed in their respective fields upon graduation.

Bloomfield College also understands their students’ needs for financial help. 93% of their students receive some form of financial aid.

Campus information

Being in a suburban residential community located 15 miles from New York, Bloomfield College attracts its own geographically diverse residents and commuter population. This campus is highly accessible by train, bus, and car with exciting features located nearby, including the Meadowlands Sports Complex, Liberty Science Centre, and PNC Bank Arts Centre offering prospective students with year-round events to participate. About an hour away from campus, students can also visit some of Jersey’s beautiful beaches and first-rate ski-areas just one hour away from Bloomfield.

Meanwhile, on campus, Bloomfield College offers numerous opportunities for students to participate in student activities. There are over 30 clubs and Greek Organisations on campus to choose from and each placing a huge emphasis on student life such as their professional, ethnic, volunteer, academic, and artistic interests.

Another unique aspect of Bloomfield College is that it boasts of its highly successful TRUE program that is organised through its Residential Education and Housing office. This program is in fact a programming model that is designed to convey elements of the classroom to students in their residence. With this, a variety of co-curricular programs are highlighted based on academic programming model applied by Bloomfield College.


There are several accommodation Residence Halls that students can choose from at Bloomfield College:

Clee Hall

  • Multi-level traditional corridor style double/triple room facility
  • Houses 118 students
  • Male and female students are separated on different floors

Schweitzer Hall

  • Multi-level traditional corridor style double/triple room facility
  • Houses 83 first years and transfer students
  • Male and female students are separated on different floors, a lower level for unisex floor

Clee Hall and Schweitzer Hall are equipped with:  

  • High-Optic Cable Television
  • Telephone wiring (optional service) and Internet access;
  • Laundry facility & community lounge area
  • Computer labs available on the lower level of the buildings
  • Floor and room assignments are gender specific
  • A community bathroom on each floor
  • Resident Advisors assigned to each floor
  • Bedrooms are all furnished with beds, desks/chairs, dresser, and closets.
  • Security is stationed on the first level of the building during peak operational hours. All rooms meet local and state fire safety standards.

Residential Houses

  • Non-traditional style coed single/double room facilities
  • Accommodate 5-17 students per residence
  • Students are academically strong, have a history of good citizenship and are willing to commit to the residence
  • Equipped with High-Optic Television
  • Laundry facility on the first level
  • Rooms equipped - beds, desks/chairs, dresser, and closets
  • Full kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and minicomputer labs with Internet access.
  • Resident Advisor is assigned to monitor activities in each living unit. All rooms meet local and state fire safety standards.

225 Liberty

  • Recently renovated co-ed residence hall
  • Accommodates 91 upperclassmen students.
  • A living and learning apartment-style building - single, double and triple bedrooms
  • Small kitchenette in most apartments.
  •  All bedrooms come equipped: bed, dresser, desk, chair, and closets.
  • High-Optic Cable Television
  • Wireless internet
  • Laundry rooms on each floor and the lower level of the building has a community lounge and a Kitchenette.
  • One fitness center on the first floor

Franklin Hall 

  • New facility located on Franklin Street.
  • All apartments are 2 or 4 double person bedrooms
  • Full kitchens, living room furniture, and high definition flat screen television with high-optic cable.
  • Gym
  • Computer lab, game room and rooftop patio for the residents. 
  • Designated only for Juniors & Seniors in good academic and judicial standing, with a cumulative G.P.A of 2.3 or above.



Courses available 10

Accounting & Finance 1 Applied, Pure Sciences 2 Business, Management 1 Computer Science, IT 2 Creative Arts & Design 1 Engineering 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 2


Reviews 3

There are very good professors who help you out when you have a question or anything they explain good. the sizes of the classroom are good like it is not overly packed it is a reasonable number.
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This is a great institution that has welcomed me with open arms. The students, faculty, and staff are all very passionate toward the college's mission. Student's here are given an excellent opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams of receiving a quality college education. Like
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