Bachelor of Korean Language & Literature

Sungkyunkwan University
South Korea
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
4 years
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Entry Requirements

  • Qualifications accepted/recognised by the university.


  • Korean Phonology
  • Korean Syntax
  • Readings in Classical Prose
  • Readings in Classical Poetry
  • History of Korean Modern Literature
  • Modern Poetry
  • Criticism of Modern Literary
  • Modern Novel
  • The Korean Orthography
  • Korean Morphology
  • Investigation of Korean Writers
  • Understanding of the Modern Culture
  • Introduction of Korean Linguistics Studies
  • Introduction of Korean Literature Studies
  • History of Classical Korean Literature
  • Modern Korean Poets
  • Reading of the Modern-Korean Language
  • Korean Semantics
  • Study of the Oral Literature
  • History of Korean Language
  • Readings in Hyangga-Koryo Kayo
  • Classical Novel
  • Classical Poetry
  • Modern Korean Poetry
  • Modern Korean Novel
  • Criticism of Modern Literary
  • Thoughts in Korean Literature
  • Craft of Novel
  • Reading of the Middle-Korean Language
  • Study of the Hunmin-Jongum
  • Study of the Korean Classic Author
  • Study of Comparative Literature and Culture
  • Craft of the Poetry
  • Study of the Modernism Poet
  • Study of Modern Play
  • Literary Theory
  • Readings in Novel in the Late of Chosen
  • Understanding of Korean Literature in Chinese Calligraphy
  • Culture and Representation
  • Criticism of Modern Culture
  • Korean school Grammar
  • Formation of Modern Literature
  • Korean Literature and Gender
  • Language in literary works
  • Classical Korean poetry and Culture-Art

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