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University of Nottingham Malaysia

Selangor, Malaysia

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Anonymous reviewer

3 years ago


The campus is nice, I’ll admit, but thats about it. Met friends that will be lifelong friends. Some good food options. Sort of clean campus. Okay sports facilities. Nice swimming pool, though quite dirty at night.


Lecturers are inefficient and ineffective. They will not solve a problem and will discourage the students to voice out an issue. They do not even care about the students or the issues they face. Instead they will try to make the students disheartened and lose hope about any action. They are not positive and they try to suppress the students in all ways, in academics, creativity or in voicing out any problem that they create. Also they say its a green campus and does not allow smoking. Well it is not really the right picture as people keep on smoking and authority does not do anything about it. Probably better management who will show that they care. Probably enforce no smoking law properly. They do nice open days but not really a nice experience. Management really needs to start caring more about the students experience rather than themselves.

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