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University of Malaysia Terengganu

Terengganu, Malaysia
Campus setting Suburban
Living cost RM 1,200 per month
Student population Large (More than 10,000)
International students 10%
Institution type Public

About University of Malaysia Terengganu

The University of Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) began as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia's Centre for Fisheries and Marine Science in 1979. When the this centre was transferred to Kuala Terengganu, the faculty transformed in June 1996. The faculties Applied Sciences & Technology, Faculty of Science & Professional Literature and the Matriculation Centre were formed. Later, on 5th May 1999 the University College of Terengganu was established as an associate campus. Eventually, UMT was given the status of a full-grown university.

Being the 14th public university established in Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) is also the first university college in Malaysia. UMT is located along the South China Sea, by the beach in Kuala Terengganu and not far from Lake Kenyir, the largest man-made lake, with an area of 260,000 hectares in South-East Asia. UMT is one of the top public universities specialising in fields such as oceanography and marine science. 

UMT also offers studies in maritime, economics, management, basic sciences, physical sciences, engineering and computing. The university's slogan is: Ocean of Discoveries, for Global Sustainability. Their vision is becoming the country's leading and globally respected Marine-Focused University

Campus information

Campus Facilities includes :

  • Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • Health centre
  • Gymnasium
  • Lecture hall
  • e-University service
  • Guest hotel
  • Digital library
  • Staff housing
  • Conference hall
  • Mini studio
  • Sports complex
  • Salt water hatchery
  • Food science laboratory
  • Nursery
  • Sports and recreation
  • Transportation
  • Bank
  • Scuba ping
  • University house
  • Library
  • Wireless hotspot
  • Surau
  • Computer lab
  • Video conferencing room
  • Auditorium
  • Research vessel
  • Fresh water hatchery
  • Pool
  • Culture Centre



On-campus accommodation is a short walk away from learning facilities and amenities. Each residential hall are secured with access control using your student ID card. Furthermore, there are security guards and 200 CCTV cameras who are there for your welfare and safety.

The campus also provides options for food and beverages, conveniences and islamic centres (among others).

Hostels are available around the campus and rates are based on type of room. Application for the hostels is subject to room availability, terms and conditions applied.

There are also off campus accommodation options such as private housing and homestays and students are recommended to contact housing agent directly.




Courses available 10

Accounting & Finance 1 Agriculture Studies 4 Applied, Pure Sciences 3 Business, Management 2 Computer Science, IT 1 Engineering 1 Hotel Management & Hospitality 1 MBA 1


Reviews 2

I've started my 'friendship' with UMT while its called UPMT in 1999. Back then i registered for Diploma in Fisheries. Then its named KUSTEM where I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Agrotechnology. After 5 years i returned to the very same place which named UMT for my master degree. Now working in Per…
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I studied my degree in KUSTEM before they were upgrade the status to UMT, I appreciated what I learned and experience during my 3 years in KUSTEM. Now I'm a growth up man and owning my own company in Philippines, I will love to go back one day to promote this beautiful university.
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