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Taylor’s University


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2 years, 7 months ago


great environment will have u feeling like you are in a resort, there's a lot of convenient stores like family mart and 711. The library is also nice, they have a new cafe in the library now which is a new spot for the students to hang out.And there is a lot of clubs you can join like muay Thai and scuba diving etc.


Their parking places always bother me lol, how is it u have resources to maintain ur lake and everything but NOT THE PARKINGS, I have to wash my car every week because of their parking places, and when it starts raining, get ready to get ur shoes wet cause it FLOODS, the parking spaces are just covered with rocks, and there is no parking spaces left in the basement parking because Taylors only left one floor for the students to park, which is the lowest floor and the rest u need seasonal parking to park which cost around 130(if I have not mistaken). Next during this pandemic students are struggling and they refuse to refund their 3k resource fees to students , which is absurd. Last,Taylors please improve your staff at campus central, I did not pay this much money to experience their bad services and bad attitudes.

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