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3 years, 9 months ago


Its up to you to trust my review, but here is my honest opinion after spending more than 4 years as undergraduate engineering student here. 1. When comes to money, this university is always punctual on payments and ensure all fees get paid, but when comes to funding events etc., it seems impossible or extremely hard to get any support from the university before the change of management in recent years. 2. Social life is great, students are lively and constantly organizing events or campaigns, and there's constant vibe of "street food" stalls along hallway. The school is always busy and crowded with students from all walks of life from late morning to late evening. 3. Now for my study experience, I am a student whom had been a very active club member and once work on events with the university itself. All I have to say the school is definitely going downhill, would not recommend at all to come here for the time being. Mainly revolves around the school's lecturers, where some of the most competent and respectable lecturers have left the university to find better opportunity elsewhere, the students were left with lecturers that are deemed to be unreliable. You will find yourself asking how can this school hired these lecturers where they clearly showed they are incapable of providing the five class teaching experience Taylor's University promised of, considering that you will be paying a heap amount of money here. Partially could be due to the less efficient management. Overall, the school has it ups and downs, but currently more downs than ups. I may be wrong, but is up to your decision to decide. On the bright side, talented students will be offered full scholarship and being a proud product of the school and enjoy some privileges from the school. Otherwise, you will end up complaining your decision after 2 years here.


Please hire better staffs and lecturers, provide education for the sake of the students not their money

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