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Multimedia University (MMU)


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11 years, 1 month ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? It's tough to study anything when you are not interested in it. As for MMU, I would only recommend it for multimedia courses, not engineering, IT or business. Most of the work in IT and Creative multimedia is assignment based. the classes are pretty big so it is kind of impossible for the lecturers to know each and everyone but they do try. they are pretty helpful but again it depends from subject to subject and how you build your relationship with your lecturer. the equipment is pretty up to date and so are the softwares we use. there's a lot of competition among students but generally everything is pretty laid back. What are the students like? there are over 25000 students in MMU(cyberjaya&Melaka) and about 40% are international students. since we don't have any common places or any fun activities, it's usually home to uni n uni to home. we do have a couple of food courts but its not what you expect that a university would be like. the "fun factor" is rather low. as far as dress codes are concerned, we do have a list of do's and don'ts but they don't really say much unless you are going to the exam hall or the library. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. there are a lot of clubs and activities that one could participate in, its a good use of your time. there are quite a few events that are organized all year round and participation is much encouraged. its good to be a part of a few clubs and organizations because it helps you grow socially which is very important in your student life. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? overall, it is a good university but you can find better. if you are looking for multimedia courses then this is the university you come to but for anything else please don't consider MMU. personally, MMU has been a huge let down for me, the administration is very lazy and they take weeks and weeks to process the smallest of things. their is a bit of partiality for local students, which is guess is pretty obvious considering they hardly have any internationals in their management. Tell us about your overall experience in studying in this country Malaysia is a beautiful and culturally rich place and I would highly recommend people to come here and study. where else would you find so many ethnicities in one place? and it's very safe compared to many countries, especially for women. you can go back and forth from uni at any time of the night without any problems. the people are also very friendly. food is the only aspect which you need to get used to and it takes a lot of time to do that.

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