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11 years, 2 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? I observed that it each faculty has their own method. As i am an engineering student, so first of all reader have to take note this. Actually for us, i can say that it is quite easy to score since almost all the question in the exam based on the online note given. But, have to put concern in here that we cannot solely depend on the notes, notes only give the highlight of the big problem while reading books in conjunction will increase our understanding more. Moreover, from the tutorial class we can practice the theory given in the lecture class, in my opinion the questions provided here in tutorial class are quite qualified. Marking is quite strict but as long as you are an obedient student and regularly come to the class (good in attendance) the lecture will not be so strict, by the means of barring issue, but marking so far quite square and fair. Regarding assignment, we were given assignment which normally one or two per subject which quite acceptable. In the context of student performance, here i can say that we are quite lame and square, which me ans we are not active students at all. But of course there are few who like to question and answer the lecture, in minor. Furthermore, what i'm able to say is we are students barely know each other, we remember face but not remember name. The same appearance come with the lecture student relation, if you are outstanding students in which asking question frequently of first class one, yes the lecture will recognize you, else then that hardly known by lecture. Moreover, out of the class there will only be hi and bye in between. What are the students like? From the campus size i can say that the population is not that much as compare to government university. International are big population in Cyberjaya campus which come from different countries. I guess Iranian are the biggest international community inside as many of them taking MBA program. We have rule regarding what outfit should the students wear around the campus, but many violate the rule. For example, girls cannot wear short skirt, transparent outfit, etc, and for boys, they cannot wear short pants, etc. Recently there is rule that prohibit students to enter exam hall while using slippers, also now finance division will not entertain students who wear slippers. I am agree for the exam hall part but seriously ridiculous for the finance part. In general what the students wear in engineering faculty are practical enough, jeans and t-shirt. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. We have plenty organization and club inside the university, plenty to choose, from sport, music, language, religion, tourism to formal organization such as IEEE, IET. I was quite active in the first year until let's say half third year. It was enjoyable, fun and headache in the same time. I could not explain further regarding this kind of activity since we have so many happening inside, so do not worry, you will find stuffs to do in your spare time. Moreover, if not interested in what so ever happening inside the campus, you can hang out and take a walk outside, since our area is near by KL. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? It is a multicultural and multiracial since it is an international university. Also rumors said that MMU graduate found job easier. Tell us about your overall experience in studying in this country Studying in Malaysia of course give me some sort of experiences. Different country, different way of social life. It is nice to stay as the environment is conducive, supportive for students learning zone. It is safe so far for me to stay and socialize with the people. So many happy and sad stuffs happen, will not mention the sad one though. Happy and pleasure to explore the differences in culture of different countries, pleasure in meeting new face, new brothers and sisters from nations. I will miss international faces, also "teh tarik", someday if i'm move out from this country.

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