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Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)


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11 years, 6 months ago
How is the academic life at this university/college? As long as one is interested in the field he/she is studying, toughness is not a factor in your studies. However, as a University (College) that takes pride in its Civil Engineering field and its related fields (Architecture etc), students in this field will be well prepared for their future careers through the challenges posed by the lecturers (further described). The number of assignments and tests is determined mostly by the lecturers, and it varies among different lecturers. While the marking schemes is mostly standardized due to MQA requirements, the strictness of the lecturers also vary. With luck, you'd get some lecturers who are really lax with the marking schemes and one would get an A easily, otherwise you'll face really strict lecturers with stringent requirements to meet to barely get a B. Class sizes also vary. Classes that are in the afternoon session tend to get very crowded (easily 70++) and sometimes will be out of the lecturer's control. Less popular sessions, such as morning or those nearing the weekends, tend to be less crowded, and the lecturer is thus able to understand the students abilities and weaknesses better. Competition is pretty minimal as the motivation to score good results comes from the fact that there are tuition fee waivers (and now scholarships from KLIUC), scholarships from other bodies, PTPTN loan waiver etc. What are the students like? As of Sept 2011, there are approximately 4000 students (and still growing). It is safe to assume that nearly 50% of the student population here consists of International Students, mostly originating from the African Continent and the Middle East, with a growing number of students from China. KLIUC does not maintain a dress code as of today, so students are free to choose what to wear for class, as long as it is decent and will not be an immoral distraction in class! The only enforcement of dress code applies only within the various engineering labs, requiring students to purchase the college's lab coat and wearing it whenever in the lab. While many students here are engineering students, it will be surprising to know that most of them are trendy and up to the times. (Although the remaining half are practical enough to just put on some shirt and jeans and head off to class). Tell us about your overall experience in studying in this country As a Malaysian studying in my own country, I definitely cannot say I hate it since I do not have problems with "missing home or such. While I cannot comment on what is fun in Malaysia or what I miss about it (it has to be the food and the community that people will miss), I dare say that Malaysia isn't the safest place to study. Caution is given to International Students to beware of their own belongings and to always have a safety first attitude while in Malaysia. What do students do when not studying? Tell us about the social and sports life. As of September 22, there are almost 30 clubs in existance in KLIUC, with interests varying from sports-related, to academically & culturally-related ones. Many of our clubs here are based on national ties (i.e China Students Association, the Sudanese Students Association...), therefore a lot of events organized in KLIUC are related to cultures and traditions, giving students here a healthy chance to learn and mix with cultures around the world. Once in a while, there will be events that are organized by the various clubs mentioned above for the students, such as cultural nights, competitions and tournaments, student markets during the Entrepreneurship Week etc. Apart from the occassional events above and regular club activities, KLIUC students tend to complain that there is little entertainment on and around campus (We are surrounded by highways, UNITEN and UPM) As a member of the Students Representative Council, we seek to improve the students' social life by means of assisting clubs to run events easier, running our own events etc. Students here generally are aware of the importance of maintaining a balanced study and social life. Apart from their studies, most will join a club or two to keep busy with something they like. As for those who do not like to be bound by clubs, tend to get to know and mix with friends staying within the same hostel block/class etc. What is your overall opinion about this university/college? KLIUC is a private university college run by Kump. IKRAM's subsidiary company, IKRAM Education, thus it is a profit-oriented body that prioritizes profit and money above all else (and stingy with it). In this aspect, KLIUC does try to respect and pay attention to the needs and wants of its major customers, the students. However, due to lack of funding and the goal of profit, KLIUC is unable to tend to all of the students needs of decent facilities adequately (as compared to public universities). On the other hand, with its background of being a former IKRAM research station, KLIUC does have the resource advantage as a specialist in Civil Engineering, and is recommended for students pursuing a career in the above field.

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