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The logistics and supply chain industry is hardly a glamorous one. Therefore, it isn't a big shocker that most of you wouldn’t have any knowledge on this industry.

Wouldn’t it be surprising though, if I tell you that you’ve probably been a part of the industry at least once in your life. Spoiler alert: as long as you shop, the answer is yes.

What is Logistics?

Logistics and supply chain management is basically the planning and management of goods, personnel and services to make sure demands are being met. This may sound menial but you should never underestimate the importance of logistics management.

In the age of online shopping, logistics management is all the more crucial. Most online stores that operate globally rely on external logistics companies to get large masses of products delivered across the globe. It is then the duty of that logistics company to make sure Nina gets the blue handbag she ordered and not the beige skirt you ordered.  

Why Should You Pursue a Career in Logistics?

As we’ve already discussed, logistics is an industry that has heavily benefited from e-commerce and globalization. Judging by current trends, we doubt that e-commerce will be going away anytime soon. Therefore, it would be a smart move to pursue logistics as it is set to only grow from what it is now.

  • Unlike law, arts or medicine, students are likely to look over logistics as a career option. This however is only good news for you! With a lack of fierce competition among students, there is an ample of job opportunities as this field goes under the radar of most students.
  • Logistics is a pretty lucrative industry, and you will find it to be true as you climb up the corporate ladder in this field. The longer you serve in this industry, the higher your value becomes.
  • There is also a variety of sectors you can work in. Be it pharmaceuticals or textile, each sector comes with their own unique set of problems and struggles.

supply chain studies and demand for graduates

If you are an individual who is creative and practical in coming up with solutions all the while keeping a bigger picture in mind, logistics is truly for you!  

Expected Salary

Your salary will typically vary according to your skill, line of work and experience. As a Logistics Coordinator you will be able to earn anywhere between RM 1589 to RM 5177. (Source: PayScale)

Career Opportunities

Here are some of the career options for your to consider in the Logistics industry:

career opportunities for supply chain graduates

Skills Needed in Logistics

1. Strong numerical and analytical skills

You don’t need to be a maths whiz but having sufficient knowledge in maths will come in handy when it comes to analyzing data. Having such skills will enable you to make interpretations based on data trends.

2. Psychic abilities

Well not literally of course, but having a far-sighted vision can prove to be very valuable especially in such a fast paced industry such as logistics.

3. Creativity

One of the main problems in logistics are meeting customers and clients demands while being cost friendly. The same can be said for many fields however with the increased dependency on logistics companies, there is a need for more creativity in solving problems.

4. Adaptability

Since logistics is a fast paced industry, anyone working in this field must me able to adapt and change according to current trends. It's very important to stay on par with competitors so as to not lose clients.

5. Honesty

Marketing manager for Bailey’s Moving & Storage, Jacob Beckstead, notes that it’s not uncommon in the logistics world to run into the temptation to use a white lie to cover a mistake, such as a late shipment. However, being honest is something that will help build clients trust in your company.

Entry Requirements

*requirements will vary according to respective institutions. Be sure to check with the institution of your choice for their entry requirements.

Level of Study


Minimum Requirement


2.5 years

Pass in SPM or its equivalent with a minimum of 3 credits.


3 years

Pass in STPM or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C(GP 2.0) in any 1 subject.

Universities to Pursue Logistics in Malaysia

universities in Malaysia with supply chain courses

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