M.Sc. Open Informatics

Czech Technical University
Prague, Hlavní Město Praha, Czech Republic
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Entry Requirements

One of the main conditions required for admission to a master study program following on from the bachelor level study program is a completed 
bachelor or master level study program documented by the respective diploma. The entrance admission procedure differs according to the study program.

In order to quantify the study load of individual courses, a unified credit system is applied. Credits obtained within a study program are added 
up; the cumulative number of credits serves as a tool for study assessment. The credit system is compatible with the European Credit Transfer 
System (ECTS).
The minimum number of credit units necessary for continuation of studies is as follows:
* for the first semester of study: Master program - 20
* for the first academic year of study (2 semesters): Master program - 40
* for any other academic year of study (2 semesters): both Bachelor and Master programs: 40

The standard period of studies in master programs is 4 semesters (2 years).



- Artificial Intelligence

The graduates of Artificial Intelligence are able to design and apply intelligent systems in areas such as automatic planning and scheduling, data analysis, formalization of expert knowledge and their use for automated reasoning. The graduates are able to assess the computational complexity of algorithms needed to guarantee the effectiveness of the proposed systems based on soft-computational (especially bio-inspired), distributed (especially multi-agent) and other AI strategies. These capabilities can be used in computer science practice and research at the post doctoral studies as well.

- Computer Vision and Image Processing

This specialization provides knowledge of modern methods of automatic processing and analysis of digital images and video, and methods for image understanding and machine perception. Graduates will find their application in the areas of research and development in commercial and non-commercial sectors.

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