M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering and Informatics

Czech Technical University
Prague, Hlavní Město Praha, Czech Republic
Master's Degree
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Entry Requirements

One of the main conditions required for admission to a master study program following on from the bachelor level study program is a completed 
bachelor or master level study program documented by the respective diploma. The entrance admission procedure differs according to the study 

In order to quantify the study load of individual courses, a unified credit system is applied. Credits obtained within a study program are added 
up; the cumulative number of credits serves as a tool for study assessment. The credit system is compatible with the European Credit Transfer 
System (ECTS).
The minimum number of credit units necessary for continuation of studies is as follows:
* for the first semester of study: Master program - 20
* for the first academic year of study (2 semesters): Master program - 40
* for any other academic year of study (2 semesters): both Bachelor and Master programs: 40

The standard period of studies in master programs is 4 semesters (2 years).



- Biomedical engineering

The masters study program branch Biomedical engineering aims to educate electro-technical engineers with knowledge and abilities to solve engineering problems namely in the domain of design and construction of medical device for diagnostics and therapy, design and development of medical information and decision support systems.

- Biomedical informatics

The masters study program branch Biomedical informatics aids to educate computer professionals understanding basic principals of functioning of living organisms (from molecular and cellular level up to human physiology) as well as current tasks, procedures and problems of medical care.

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