B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management

Czech Technical University
Prague, Hlavní Město Praha, Czech Republic
Bachelor's Degree
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Entry Requirements

One of the main conditions required for admission to a bachelor study program is a fully completed secondary level of general or technical education documented by the respective school-leaving certificate or an equivalent examination certificate. Bachelors/Masters applying to study in a bachelor program can submit their bachelor/master diploma instead. All applicants must pass an entrance test in mathematics, except those whose performance in mathematics during their high school studies was excellent or very good. The dean of the faculty can make an exemption from the test on the basis of the applicant's study results.

The standard period of studies in bachelor programs is 6 semesters (3 years).

In order to quantify the study load of individual courses, a unified credit system is applied. Credits obtained within a study program are added up; the cumulative number of credits serves as a tool for study assessment. The credit system is compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
The minimum number of credit units necessary for continuation of studies is as follows:
* for the first semester of study: Bachelor program - 15
* for the first academic year of study (2 semesters): Bachelor program - 30
* for any other academic year of study (2 semesters): both Bachelor and Master programs: 40



- Applied Electrical Engineering
- Electrical Engineering and Management

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