Accelerate your career with a Master’s degree

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Cutbacks and uncertainty in financial markets in recents years don’t help either. Employees are increasingly feeling stuck in their careers, unable to consider a move even if they’re unhappy.

Right Management, a subsidiary of Manpower Group, ran a survey that showed only 19% of workers are satisfied with their jobs. This sentiment was also shared by another survey - Deloitte’s Shift Index survey - stating that 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs. While there are various reasons - job uncertainty, lacking opportunities to grow, not feeling valued, etc - general consensus shows that many people are feeling stuck in their careers.

Many will get a job after graduation to gain work experience, get to know the industry, try corporate lifestyle and hopefully better understand what they want to do with their career or life. Sadly, based on the statistics above, most people come up short and get stuck in a rut.

In recent years, people have looked towards advancing their careers by pursuing a Master’s degree and it makes sense. Invest in yourself, be an expert, network with like-minded individuals, while exploring new opportunities. On top of coming out smarter and sharper with your skills, employers will also value that you can complete a demanding program. But, the main bonus? Better jobs, increased job prospects and more, wait for it, CHA CHING! MOOLAH! MONEY! Yeah, and who doesn’t love extra cash in the bank?

Having a Master’s degree can go a long a way to boost your career, open up new opportunities, networks and knowledge (all with 1 degree) and we have the stats to prove it!


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Posted on 09 Oct 2017